Weitere laden…
  • Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019! Test
    Here are a few cutouts of some of our finest projects the last year.

    Work in progress – Rosenrot

    Before it´s a film it´s inside of your head. Thanks to all those inspiring unknown photographers I can give you a taste of my latest filmproject. So this is the moodboard to »Rosenrot«, a shortfilm about the sensual relationship between a woman and roses. Want to join the production? It´s not financed yet, but money can´t buy me love. (Sorry about missing credits!)

  • Interview with sz-magazin.de

    I talked with sz magazin about my worldtrip in 150 hours.

    in 150 hours around the world – behind the scenes

    Inspired by Jules Verne´s book »In 80 days around the world« TÜV SÜD hired me to travel the world in 150 hours in occasion of their 150th anniversairy. The mission was to shoot 12 TÜV SÜD offices around the globe and show the variety of this international company. My two colleagues and I were always on the run, slept in the plane and woke up every day in another country.…

  • In 150 hours around the world – making of

    meyers buero travelled around the world in 150 hours and shot twelve films for TÜV SÜD. This is the making of my fastest voyage ever.
    You can read the full story online at tuev-sued.de